Let EMS help you become more energy independent!! Power goes out, no problem with our complete solar battery backup systems! We can set you up with a small starter package and add more battery power in the future.

With a basic system you can run your refrigerator, water pump, lights, fans and charge your phone. You can even run a small AC system and hot water heater! Basically, you can have all the conveniences we take for granted until the power goes out!

Call us today for a free, no-obligation energy evaluation on your home.

PS: The 30% tax credit does apply to the battery system as well:)

For our Holiday special we are giving away a FREE 1800 watt solar generator with all solar systems!

So don’t wait, schedule your free evaluation to find out how you can save! Our representatives are standing by from 9 am – 8 pm Monday – Friday. Call today to find out how much you can save and get your FREE Solar Generator.