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Proud Supplier of Toughest Solar Panels on the Market – Made in USA

Here at EMS contracting we are a full service General Contractor that specializes in green renovations and solar system installations. We are passionate about helping people save money and reduce our impact on the environment! Having said that, we also are Floridians who have weathered the storms so we offer things like the toughest solar […]

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Solar Powered Back Up Plans

Solar powered energy and technology continue to improve year after year, allowing us to utilize the natural power of our very own sun, one of the most powerful energy sources in existence. Many people question the reliance of such solar powered systems with literal fears of “rainy days” or evening hours when the sunlight has […]

Free Hot Water

Storing heat may be the last thing you think of when turning on an air conditioning unit, but with new technology, this is happening! People now have the ability to take advantage of the hot outdoor temperatures to heat water while cooling the air. And with the hot temperatures of some climates? Such as Florida’s? […]