Interior Latex Paint is an Affordable Option When Budgets are Tight

Latex paint is great for use on walls and ceilings of wallboard, primed plaster, wood and masonry. It’s available in the following sheens: flat, eg-shel and semi-gloss.

Interior latex paint is paint specifically formulated for use inside the home or office. While sold as a latex paint, most brands do not actually contain latex. Instead, the interior paint of today usually makes use of vinyl or acrylic resins, and occasionally a combination of the two.

In many ways, the many brands of interior latex paint share qualities with exterior latex paints. Both types of paints are formulated to offer complete coverage and to hold up well under a lot of wear and tear. However, both interior and exterior paints are formulated to withstand different types of wear and may not contain the same blend of ingredients.

Interior latex paint is water-based, but the presence of the acrylic or vinyl resins in the formula make the product easy to clean. Often, using a damp cloth is enough to wipe off streaks or stains without damaging the wall coating.

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