Why Go Solar? Financial & Environmental Benefits

Start Saving Instantly – stop throwing money away to a utility company and invest in your home. You can pay less from the first day your system is running. The financial and environmental benefits are immediate.

Fixed Energy Costs – As energy costs continue to rise you can ensure your costs are drastically reduced, permanently. The financial benefits of making your own energy are endless. Take control of how you make and use power in your home.

Current Tax Incentives – Take advantage while these federal tax incentives are still available. Up to 30% of your panel system or green renovations can be credited! The financial gains of a solar system are vast!

Increase the value of your home – On average homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more! Many buyers look for solar panels already installed or at least the potential too. Solar panels provide the greatest return on any financial investment of home improvement.

Save the Environment – All of these financial benefits and you are creating a greener future for our planet. Solar energy reduces water pollution in addition to greenhouse gases. Most manufacturing processes need some kind of water for production, but not solar panels. Converting to solar energy doesn’t strain local water supplies or pollute them.

Financial & environmental benefits for your family and the Earth

Solar Energy Reduces Water pollution & Carbon Emissions


“By transitioning to clean energy, like solar, we will sharply reduce the carbon, sulfur and mercury pollution that come from burning fossil fuels, which doctors and scientists say will save 60,000 American lives each year and dramatically reduce the rates of heart disease, asthma attacks, respiratory diseases and even cancer.” – SEIA


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