Clean and affordable energy for everyone is the biggest challenge of our time. If we succeed to free our energy production from carbon-based emissions within the next ten years we will not only protect our environment but also our economical and political freedom.
-The sonnenBatterie
Meet Joe Cavaliere. This gentleman can connect and disconnect from the power company when ever he wants to. How you ask? Simple. He installed a sonnenBatterie. Not to worry, a new way to energize all your power needs at your convenience is underway.  If it’s not available in your area, it will be soon.

The popularity of solar energy and energy storage batteries such as the sonnenBatterie are putting a lot of pressure on utility companies. In the beginning of 2016, Sonnen, the German startup company known for the sonnenBatterie, celebrated the shipment of its 10,000th battery system, surpassing its only major competition, Tesla  and taking the lead in the global smart energy storage market. sonnenBatterie is shaking up the traditional electricity business model, and taking solar energy and energy storage systems more mainstream.

Last November, Sonnen introduced sonnenCommunity. A new system implementing the use of solar energy to communities, and circumventing the traditional utility usage in entirety. It is organized with a network of producers, consumers and storage operators where they trade self-generated renewable electricity with each other through a virtual grid. The combination of solar energy and energy storage systems being introduced into the market can be counted on to reduce the amount of electricity customers will buy from the grid, and hopefully eliminate the traditional utility and power providers altogether. Thus offering cleaner, more affordable energy for everyone. The SonnenCommunity is able to offer customers using their energy system 20% less for electricity cost.  The reason behind the savings? Sonnen CEO Christoph Ostermann explains that Sonnen does not need to earn a margin on the sales of electricity, as its goal is to sell storage systems, leaving the ownership of the systems in the customer’s hands. They are running a solar energy utility company without directly owning the energy producing assets. It has been compared to businesses such as Aribnb and Uber where the secret is managing peer-to-peer exchanges in real time. This could be the business model of the future, offering the political and economical freedom that so many people and communities are striving for. Sonnen plans to bring its successful platform model abroad, and share it universally.


Although solar and utility companies are in a love-hate relationship, they both may benefit from working together. Utility companies must come to terms with that fact that the energy market is transitioning towards solar energy and storage systems. Solar Energy and its accompanying storage systems could find advantage in the grid as a whole, as it could mitigate many of the problems solar faces in terms of intermittentcy.

With or without the cooperation of of utility companies, sooner or later solar will be the prevalent source of power for all of our energy needs.

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Written by Angela Christu