Moving Off the Grid

It’s happening, and it’s only the beginning. Solar energy is taking homes, businesses and entire islands off of the Grid. It’s not a plan for the future, it’s not a work in process, it’s a reality, and it’s a good one. With all the controversy over pipelines, fracking, and oil prices, our best option is to cease usage of the old oil and coal rigs, stop investing money into these operations, and focus on a clean, renewable, sustainable, and SAFE energy  source. One that is constant, super powerful, with no ownership or dominance over its existence.  

Do you ever wonder how much energy the sun actually produces? Well, here’s a mind blowing fact. It produces enough energy in one hour to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs. Perspectively, speaking, that’s equivalent to giving every single person on the planet, approximately 7 billion people, a light bulb which will shine bright for their entire lifetime. Yes, you read that correctly. In one hour, the sun can provide enough energy to power the word with light, indefinitely.

Each moment, the sun continuously blesses the earth with 35,000 times the amount of energy currently required for usage. Why, then, does it only  account for 1% of the world’s electricity power source? WHY do we not harness the sun’s energy for the power it has, and what it naturally provides to us without any digging, hazardous waste or dangerous transportation mechanisms?


Well, more and more people, places and things are seeing it’s true potential, and are going solar. Islas Secas, an island in Panama, has gone 100% solar. Rather than the repeated risk and cost of importing fuel oil, they have chosen to rebuild the island infrastructure for maximum efficiency and supply as much of their energy demand as possible with the abundant, local sunlight. When fully operational, the system will generate, store and supply some 500-megawatt hours of electricity per year, without burning a drop of diesel fuel. The solar panel array and solar batteries power all of the island’s electrical systems throughout the year, including appliances, lighting, and air conditioning. Without interruptions,  noise, or exhaust fumes,  the solar system switches from the sun absorbing panels during the day to the night battery power to supply the continual electrical demands.

*For unexpected heavy loads or bad weather, the system can turns to two 200 kw diesel generators at any time, if needed. The diesel generators are on standby to refuel the batteries should there be extended overcast skies, which can reduce the solar array output.

May their lead be followed by many more.  Amen.

The future will see countless similarities as homeowners, business owners and municipal governments embrace the practicality of clean, reliable solar energy. There are no restrictions and limitations with the sun. Its energy and power is limitless.

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Written by Angela Christu