The Lowline
Ultimately the First Underground Solar Powered Park


What can you think of that would be a better use of our resources than creating an underground park from an abandoned subway section that uses solar power to generate light? New Yorkers are about to get their own garden paradise right underneath their feet. A new and innovative park is being constructed using solar street receptors to harness sunlight before dispersing it in the underground gardens. Innovation and efficiency at its finest!

The Site

According to  the proposed location is an old one-acre Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, just below Delancey Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  The site opened in 1908,  but has been unused since 1948 when the trolley discontinued its services.

The site was opened in 1908 for trolley passengers, but has been unused since 1948 when trolley service was discontinued. Despite six decades of its neglect, the space has retained some incredible features such as remnant cobblestones, crisscrossing rail tracks and vaulted ceilings.

The Technology

The Lowline could be possibly one of the coolest, most innovative solar projects to be worked on to date, and a great way to bring solar power and awareness to the community.  The underground park is proposing to use a new solar technology involving the creation of a remote skylight in which the sunlight passes through a glass shield above the parabolic collector (a solar panel element) and is reflected and gathered at one focal point, to then be directed underground.  Seem like futuristic stuff? It sure is!  In September  of 2012, the Lowline team built a full scale prototype of this very technology in an abandoned warehouse in New York, and ultimately served as proof that the concept was attainable. Designer James Ramsey of Raad Studios explains, that “this technology would transmit the necessary wavelengths of light to support photosynthesis, enabling plants and trees to grow underground.”

When to expect the Lowline

This timeline take directly from the website, anticipates the following dates:

  • October 2015- February 26, 2017 The Lowline Lab– a free community gathering space that displays cutting-edge solar technology, serves as a laboratory for lighting and horticulture experiments, and features multiple cultural and community events– is open to the public. Over 100,000 people have visited the the Lab to date.
  • 2016 The Lowline aims to have completed negotiations with the MTA and the City to build and operate the underground park. After negotiations are finalized, a capital campaign to support construction will be launched.
  • 2021 The Lowline is opened for all to enjoy.

This is not only your unordinary and irregular, solar project. This is an innovative display of how technology can transform our cities, and the world, in the 21st century. The usage of solar power is getting more and more popular as people become more conscious of the word we live in, and how unsustainable the continuing usage is of oil and coal are. With the destruction of land, mountains and fresh water, more movements are being made to greener living. There is literally NO powersource greater than the sun, and as we learn more and more how to harness its energy, we can not only lower our expenses and electric bills, but leave a cleaner planet for the next generation, and generations to come.

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Written by Angela Christu. Nutrition Advocate. CEO of Corporate Angels, LLC, Professional Blogger, and Author of the E-books "How to be a Momtrepreneur" and "Three Ways to Make Money in your Pjs"
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