Vegas Goes Solar


This week Las Vegas became the home of the largest solar installation in the nation. But that’s not all for Nevada. It also oversaw the initiation of Boulder Solar 1 in December, 2016, a massive solar array of panels located  in the southeast quadrant of the state. Together with geothermal energy plants and solar panels throughout the city, Boulder Solar 1 has the capacity to provide 100% of Boulder City, Nevada’s municipal power from government buildings to street lights.

What does this mean?

Nevada is becoming the leader in a what we Earth dwellers are hoping is a highly contagious trend. With technology, we now have the ability  and the resources to be 100% powered by renewable solar energy, and are able to go 100% into a fully sustainable energy system. Boulder is now the largest US city to reach this monumental goal. It has become a city of inspiration and a model for more cities to follow and transition to sustainable energy.

How did they do it?

Boulder has been working on this goal for nearly a decade.  The solar energy project started in 2008 and has since saved 5 million dollars annually, and decreased consumption by 5%.

The largest solar energy project in Las Vegas began its installation in 2014 at the  massive  Mandalay Bay Events Center of the MGM Grand Hotel. According to MGM Resorts International, It’s sun absorbing panels stretch across 28 acres of rooftop space. The electricity produced by the 26,000 panels, would cover the average annual energy usage of 1,340 US homes, but will offer only ¼ of the hotel’s annual power needs, talk about a major consumer of energy.

Not everyone is celebrating….

However, not EVERYONE is celebrating. The municipalities that offer our good ol’ pollutant laden energy sources are scouring, in fact. They will,  of course, carry their losses to the general public. Not taking into consideration the blessings that this new solar energy source has provided our planet Earth, but only seeing the depths of their pockets and the loss of their company’s bottom line. If the utility companies lose customers, they inevitably raise rates for the other customers in order to maintain the grid, and their high paying salaries.

Along with Boulder and MGM taking the massive plunges into solar energy, The CS Monitor states several of Nevada’s largest casino companies to have committed to powering some of their operations with solar. They have confirmed that Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands also have announced plans to buy and produce more renewable energy for their hotels. We can only hope this is a milestone in our history for sustainable living.
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