Why Go Solar? Financial & Environmental Benefits

Why Go Solar? Financial & Environmental Benefits
Start Saving Instantly – stop throwing money away to a utility company and invest in your home. You can pay less from the first day your system is running. The financial and environmental benefits are immediate.

Fixed Energy Costs – As energy costs continue to rise you can ensure your […]

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Proud Supplier of Toughest Solar Panels on the Market – Made in USA

Here at EMS contracting we are a full service General Contractor that specializes in green renovations and solar system installations. We are passionate about helping people save money and reduce our impact on the environment! Having said that, we also are Floridians who have weathered the storms so we offer things like the toughest solar […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

How much do solar panels cost?

It really depends! There are a lot of factors that need to be considered to answer this question. We don’t want to mislead anyone so we treat each person’s home as the unique situation it is. Our processes are straight-forward and honest. We evaluate your home’s potential for solar […]

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A Vision of Clean Energy for Everyone, Including Joe

Clean and affordable energy for everyone is the biggest challenge of our time. If we succeed to free our energy production from carbon-based emissions within the next ten years we will not only protect our environment but also our economical and political freedom.-The sonnenBatterie Meet Joe Cavaliere. This gentleman can connect and disconnect from the power […]

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Electricity is a Natural Monopoly, but guess what? Solar is aNatural Alternative

Electricity is a Natural Monopoly, but guess what? Solar is a Natural AlternativeElectricity and utilities. They are what is known as “natural monopolies”, and they are excluded and protected from all the governing laws regulating the operation of monopolies. “A natural monopoly is a monopoly in an industry in which high infrastructural costs and other […]

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Fighting an Energy Empire

Fighting an Energy EmpireHave you ever stopped to wonder what goes on behind the scenes when you do something as simple as flip the light switch on? We are so accustomed to having what we need at our fingertips, that we take our utilities for granted. Many have the mentality “it’s always been there, and […]

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Moving Off the Grid

Moving Off the GridIt’s happening, and it’s only the beginning. Solar energy is taking homes, businesses and entire islands off of the Grid. It’s not a plan for the future, it’s not a work in process, it’s a reality, and it’s a good one. With all the controversy over pipelines, fracking, and oil prices, our […]

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Their Mete is Always Running Backwards!

 Their Meter is Always Running BackwardsMeet the Sullivans. They had 38 solar panels installed in their front yard about three years ago. They had hot water heater and air conditioning system custom-made to operate on solar energy. Sure, the solar system cost about $24,000 and the air conditioning system about an additional  $9,000, but it’s […]

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Beyond Trump and the Pipelines, We Have Great News from the CleanEnergy Movement!

 Beyond Trump and the Pipelines, We Have Great News from the Clean Energy Movement!Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Employment for First Time in U.S.Its official! The US solar energy industry now employs more workers than any other energy industry combined, including coal, oil, and natural gas, according to the U.S. Department of […]

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Live From The Field

The LowlineUltimately the First Underground Solar Powered ParkWhat can you think of that would be a better use of our resources than creating an underground park from an abandoned subway section that uses solar power to generate light? New Yorkers are about to get their own garden paradise right underneath their feet. A new and […]

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